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Commuters I Don’t Even

(back to blogging again after forever)

Hey guys!

So since I just started at a new school that is freaking forever away I have become one of the endless stream of daily commuters. I know, shocking.

Anyway, I have started to notice some really… shall we say strange people on public transport…

Just this afternoon a man sat down next to me and pulled out one of those parcel opening knife things

package knife

(^those things^)

and my immediate reaction was “HOLY F#CKING SH!T I AM GOING TO DIE ON A TRAIN AT THE HANDS OF A TRADIE!!!” but then he just pulled out an orange and started to cut it up. On a train. With a package knife thing.

Which kind of made me go


Until I remember a few weeks ago when I had to catch the train at 9 o’clock at night. I was sitting, casually reading a book, when the train pulled up at the station and the door opened and passengers got on and I didn’t think anything of it.

Until I looked up and saw a guy in a clown costume talking to a gorillagram.

utterly confused

I don’t-


I think I know understand how the commuters must have felt when I got on a train dressed as a dalek….



A Catch Up in 160 Words

Haven’t been on in ages blah blah apologies please forgive blah blah

Now that that’s over with!

Quick catch up:

1) Applied to Bradfield Senior College which everyone’s taking the piss out of me for.

2) Got an interview at Bradfield that’s scheduled for sometime next term.

3) Going to Port Macquarie for the holidays in around 3 weeks. (convenient numbering, don’t you think?)

4) Went to visit my sister in Newcastle for the weekend and whined endlessly about not having any books. When I got home she’d stuffed my bag full of recommended reads and a note saying “Now shut up” (I love her)

5) My friend is complaining because it’s her one year anniversary with her boyfriend and she has no idea what to do (Bad with relationships)

6) Spent the day up the tree because it was sunny and I had a book to read.

7) Happy Fathers Day!!!

That about sums it up.

I’ll let you know how it goes at the interview!

– Lauren


Bangkok Days 1-2


I know, I’m sorry!!!

I said every day but I have reasons!

  1. I forgot to pack my laptop -_-
  2. Mum left the Ipad in Sydney customs
  3. We forgot to turn international roaming on on the Iphone

So I had no internet!

How about from now on I’ll blog when I find a business centre, sound fair?

I take your silence as a yes!

This is going to be a long post…

Okay, I’ll start from the beginning then.

We arrived in Bangkok at 10 pm local time (12 pm Aus time) so for blog references that will be day 0. The hotel was very nice. One of the first things we noticed was the MacDonnelleds in the loby. (show you a picture later, it’s on the other camera)

Day 1

One the first day we had a guided tour of the city book with our lovely guide, Nina.

Unfortunately that ment waking up at 6 am.

Needless to say it felt like a very long day….

first we went to the train market (also known as the crazy market).

The train market, as the name suggests, is a market along a set of train tracks.

Well, more like on but you get the idea…

It was pretty cool, Nina bought us these little Thai sweet things that tasted like they were made of peanut butter with this jelly stuff on the outside to hold it in shape. They had elephants and strawberries and I got Pooh Bear!

I bit his head off….

The train markets were like a fresh food market kind of thing but personally I wouldn’t eat anything other than the fruit…

We tried some of the exotic fruit here and its all pretty good but I would definitely recommend the mangostein. It’s so good!!! Sweetest fruit I’ve ever had!

There were some interesting fish there too.

Adam and I saw this :



It was one of the highpoints of the day….

Next Nina took us to the floating markets which are exactly as the name sounds once again.

Markets that float.

Well, technically you float, but you get the idea.

That was pretty cool, Adam bought a funny hat for his collection (btw he collects funny hats)

I didn’t end up buying anything, but it was a great experience.

After that we went to the Grand Palace which was actually about 6 palaces.

That was beautiful. All the buildings were gilded in gold and covered in jewels.

There were giant Guardian statues standing next to every gate into and out of the palaces (slightly seen on the left of above)

After many hours of walking around the temples and palaces and what have you we were led to the main temple in the centre of the Grand Palace were the Emerald Buddah is.

Unfortunately they do not allow photos of the Buddha but instead please enjoy these monks.

Moving on!

That night we crossed the river in the middle of the city to go see a dinner show about Thai culture.

That was pretty… interesting.

It was a bit slow for me but anyway!

They had fantastic costumes and the food was lovely!

I did take some photos but they’re on the other camera so I’ll load them when I get home.

Home, drop, dead on the bed.

Day 2

Guess what I did on the second day?

Can you guess?

I’ll bet you can’t!



We went to the Tiger Temple in the mountains that day and I did this!!!

They were so bloody adorable! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

Oh, right!

Then we did this

And this


And also this

We bathed, fed, walk and played with tiger cubs guys!

It was pretty bloody awesome!

Then our guide for the day, Dang, took us to meet a friend of her’s named Sunsouk.

An elephant friend…

We walked down to a very rocky river –

– and played elephant rodeo

I’ll upload a gallary for you tomorrow when I have more time.

Tomorrow is layday but right now we’re going across the road to the Irish pub for dinner so I promise :

On the morrow fair reader!

– Lauren

To Brisbane!!!

Hello and good morning!

We have arrived at the airport and are awaiting our flight so while I’ve got time I figured I’d update you.

We’re having a lovely deep fried breakfast and mulling over the reason that there’s a Krispy Kream in no-mans land and no donut king.

Anyway we have to fly into Brisbanemot get our flight to Thailand. 

I’ll update again when we touch down in Thailand at 8pm tonight their time.

See you when Im thoroughly jetlaged!



Mother Be Mad

I’ve mentioned it a couple times now but I’ll say it again.

This holidays my family and I are going to Thailand!!!!!

(I felt the need for at least one gif in this post)

(even if it didn’t make much sense)

We fly out on Monday, so you know what that means?


We’ve been over seas before Mum, we know what we’re doing!

Sorry, sorry, she’s just getting to me a little.

Anyway, while I’m gone I won’t have access to a computer but I shall endeavor to post at least once a day and let you know what I’m up to.

If I don’t get to post once a day, I’ll do a combined post at the end to tell you how kickarse it was! =P

(I’m such a nice person)

So, what else…?

Oh yeah! Yesterday was our graduation from TAFE!

It was pretty cool if not somewhat  embarrassing. I’m pretty sure everyone’s parents think that Eliza and  I are lesbians now….

Hey, she sat on my lap!

Ah well, I now have a Cert 1 in IT which will go a long way to help me get a job.

So I’ll see you guys later and have fun and all that jaz!

Happy holidays!



(sorry, lost the computer to my brother for a couple of hours)

Now that my blogs all caught up, I can get into the newer stuff.

For instance, the reason that I can’t stop smiling right now.

I went to the orthodontist this afternoon…


It’s like-


Every time I run my tongue along my teeth it feels so

and even though I’m kind of running around right now going

and people are looking at me like

they should just deal with it cause








Careers Thingo

On Friday, year 10 and 12 at my school went to this careers expo thing in Homebush but I decided to go to TAFE instead.

Mum thought it was probably important and it was on all weekend so we went on Sunday instead.

Now, me being me, I was already considering my future and looking at going to AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) now I’m bloody DEAD SET on going there.

They offer a foundation diploma for kids just out of high school that covers bits of ALL the courses they offer so I can do that and decide what I want to do (I really want to be a director though).

I was also kind of considering whether to drop out of school next year and do my last 2 years at TAFE but I’m not sure…

I have until the end of the year to decide anyway so I’ve got time to think.

Anyway,it was pretty cool, lots of decisions to make for the years to come and I hope it all goes well!

I guess we’ll see, huh?


Jenolan Caves Overview*

(^I spelled it right this time^)

(Updating my blog so it should all be in the right order but with the wrong dates. Sorry… -_-)

Again, bad with consistency and also very very lazy.

So, like I was saying, last weekend my family went on a little trip to Jenolan Caves which are these really beautiful calcite crystal cave formations and were absolutely stunning!

We did the guided tour of the Lucas River cave which I would gladly do again.

Chamber in the River Cave, Jenolan Caves (photo courtesy of the Grizzly [A.K.A The Father])

If you’re ever in the area DO IT!!!!

Absolutely amazing experience!

The crystals lining the walls shone from the water  running across the surface of the rock, sending sparkles of gentle light reflecting around the cavernous space.


Oh god, I let out my inner writer! BAD LAUREN!!!!!!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

We also got free vouchers for a self-guided tour of the Nettle Cave included with our tickets so that’s good!

The Nettle Cave was a little less spectacular but still a wonderful thing to have seen.

The Nettle Cave, Jenolan Caves (photo by The Grizzly)

We stayed that Jenolan Caves House which was wonderful. The rooms were lovely, the food beautiful, the staff…. left a little to be desired.

Over all a very nice place and a wonderful holiday spot.

*             *              *              *

I hope you all enjoyed this little meaningless ramble about my exciting little holiday and if you go, good luck!

– Lauren

P.S. Needed to rub it in your faces a little more so we slept here:

Jenolan Caves House, Jenolan Caves (photo by Yours Truly)

P.P.S. Sorry for the nickname dad, but you said no names or photos! For now, you can all assume he looks like this:

(^Kind of accurate^)

Janolan Caves Day 1

Today, Mum came to pick me up from TAFEsand wedrove up to Janolan Caves. 

During the drive it started snowing.

I should have been as exited as I was. I was  in the backseat laughing hysterically.

So got to our hotel, went upto our room-

and fell over laughing AGAIN!

Adam and I are staying in room E3!!!!

Tomorrow we’re going on a river cave tour and to see some other cave that I don’t remember the name of.

I’m kind of writing on an iPad right now I aware it’s drunk cause autocorrect has broken my sentences so manytimes so if there a mistakes blame the iPad.

Talk tomorrow Adam won’t shut up.

He wants me toturn the light of.

Night night!

Movie Misshaps

I’m not good with this whole consistency thing, am I?

On Wednesday, my brother and I were so completely off our rocker with excitement because we prebooked tickets to go and see the Dark Knight double feature at the Cinema. It was a double screening of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that ran until 11pm!

We were so bloody happy AND it was the first time Adam had seen the Batman movies!

(He’s almost 18 and hasn’t seen Batman… I’m a little disappointed in him…)

So we went up to the counter and gave the lady our printed tickets.

She scanned them in.

“Um, these tickets are, like, for the 18th of July…”




*sobbing* 18th of Juuuuuuuulllllyyyyyy

Oh well, We’re back from Thailand by then.

(Did I mention I’m going to Thailand?)

Just so the night wasn’t completely wasted, somehow, Adam conned me into going to see Prometheus with him.

It was all right. Just a tad gory for my tastes.

It was a prequel to the Alien movies (which I’ve never see).

So if you’ve seen them, I highly recommend it.

If you haven’t but you like horror/thriller movie, go for it.

If you don’t like horror movies (like me), I wouldn’t see it.

All in all it was a nice enough night even though we had to pull our parents away from their dinner at 9 when they were suppose to have until 11.

Sorry Mum and Dad!

I’ll sign off now.

Bye Bye!

– Lauren

P.S. Happy birthday Mum!!!!! (for Wednesday)

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