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I Don’t Even…

I just watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show all the way through for the first time and I just….

My mind is just full of what.

Like I heard about it but…

Right now I kind of lack the ability to can.

However, I couldn’t stop laughing when they did the floor show and Dr Scott was just wheeling across the back kicking one leg.

Just like


I’m Really, Really, Really Bored

It’s Wednesday.

That means it’s sport day here at school.

You know what I do for sport?

Table tennis.

You know how many rounds of table tennis you can play before you get bored?

I don’t know, I lost count.

So, I’m blogging to fill in time. Right now it’s 2 pm.

The bell doesn’t go for half an hour.


Feeling Better

Okay, so maybe my mood isn’t so ruined after all…


Spirit Week!!!!

Yay, next week is spirit week!!!!

I love spirit week! it’s gunna be so awesome!

For those of you who don’t know, here in the land down under, spirit week is really just an excuse to fundraise and come to school in mufti for the week.

There’s the students vs teachers sporting event (this year softball), Bazza day (markets run by the comerce classes), the talent quest (no explaination required), something else i don’t remember and, my personal favorite, THEME DAY!!!!!

This years themes are childhood memories, pajamas and book/tv characters!

I’m going as Rorschach from Watchmen!

(If you don’t know who that is, click the Photoshop page. He’s the one with roses everywhere.)

Slight snag though.

Theme day is on Friday.

TAFE is on Friday.

Stuff it! I’ll go in my costume to TAFE!

People will look at me weird and I’ll be like

So there!

TAFE friends, prepare yourselves for my awesomeness!

My Mood… It Is Ruined…

So today i had an appointment with the Orthodontist.

I was so happy I was getting my braces off!

Walk into the office.

Sit in the chair.

“You can have them off in a month.”

What… I don’t….

But, but, but…







*runs away screaming, flailing arms above head*

The Marvelous Melody of Mr Monopoly

A random poem about Monopoly while we were waiting for the kettle to boil.


There once was a man of rather short stature

He sold many houses and was friends with Margaret Thature

He gave me free parking and drove me past go

Unfortunatley for me, he drove very slow

He owned a hat, a car and a little dog too

A rocking horse and a dancing shoe

I always payed my rent, I always payed my dues

Then he opened the chest I got good news

My Aunty Dolly had passed away

And left me millions to twiddle away

I bought a mansion on Oxford Street

With plenty of room to kick up my feet

And so, here I stay

While Mr Monopoly continues to play.


Well This Sucks…

So my Nana’s sick.

My mum went to Newcastle and said she’d be home on Monday.

It’s now Friday.

She got home like an hour ago.

But that’s enough whinging.

Now we’re at TAFE and we’re editing a random animation of a tree growing out of the ground.

It’s looking really weird.

I’m not going to say anymore.



Happy Mothers Day!

So once again it is Mothers Day.

I wanted to get my Mum something she’d love this year, so she went out and bought a bowl for herself and told me that if I gave it to her she would act surprised. Lovely woman. True to her word she acted as if she’d never seen it before. My brother bought her a new iron and as is the way of things when we drove up to Newcastle to meet with the rest of the family we found out that my sister had gotten her the same thing. We’re such a coordinated family.

Anyway, all mishaps and break downs in communication aside it was a very nice day. Like I said, we drove to Newcastle at 7am and had a very nice late breakfast with the rest of the family. “The rest of the family” being my aunty and uncle, three cousins and three second cousins (who are four year old triplets by the way), my mum and dad, my Nan, my brother and sister and my nephew, Chase. 

The day was spent discussing video games and poking fun at my sister, Kim who spent a majority of the meal testing her “boyfriend”. Their not actually going out we just say that to mess with her.

All ramblings aside, I hope you had a good Mothers Day and I wish you many more!

– The Person Whose Blog You Read.

P.S. I love you Mum

We Meet For The First Time For Hopefully Not The Last Time…

Dearest Reader,

Yay, my first blog post! Are you excited yet? Cause if you are you’ll probably be disappointed. I’m really not all that interesting. TAFE told me to do this.

I’m doing the Digi girls course at TAFE so yeah. Blogging with wordpress and all that jazz.

Anyway, I’m playing Soul Calibur II with my brother right now. We just bought back our PS2 and we’re desperatly trying to rebuild our collection of games.

He just got his arse handed to him by Astroth and it was funny and I laughed cause it was funny.

Why are you reading this?! I’m just yammering for ages about nothing important! You just wasted five minutes of your life on reading this nonsense! Haha, I got you to waste five minutes of your life, you silly person.

Okay, that’s enough of that utter idiocy. 

May the Shwarts be with.

Sincerely, Lauren.

P.S. Your never getting those five minutes back.

P.S.S. Just sayin’.

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