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We Meet For The First Time For Hopefully Not The Last Time…

Dearest Reader,

Yay, my first blog post! Are you excited yet? Cause if you are you’ll probably be disappointed. I’m really not all that interesting. TAFE told me to do this.

I’m doing the Digi girls course at TAFE so yeah. Blogging with wordpress and all that jazz.

Anyway, I’m playing Soul Calibur II with my brother right now. We just bought back our PS2 and we’re desperatly trying to rebuild our collection of games.

He just got his arse handed to him by Astroth and it was funny and I laughed cause it was funny.

Why are you reading this?! I’m just yammering for ages about nothing important! You just wasted five minutes of your life on reading this nonsense! Haha, I got you to waste five minutes of your life, you silly person.

Okay, that’s enough of that utter idiocy. 

May the Shwarts be with.

Sincerely, Lauren.

P.S. Your never getting those five minutes back.

P.S.S. Just sayin’.


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