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Happy Mothers Day!

So once again it is Mothers Day.

I wanted to get my Mum something she’d love this year, so she went out and bought a bowl for herself and told me that if I gave it to her she would act surprised. Lovely woman. True to her word she acted as if she’d never seen it before. My brother bought her a new iron and as is the way of things when we drove up to Newcastle to meet with the rest of the family we found out that my sister had gotten her the same thing. We’re such a coordinated family.

Anyway, all mishaps and break downs in communication aside it was a very nice day. Like I said, we drove to Newcastle at 7am and had a very nice late breakfast with the rest of the family. “The rest of the family” being my aunty and uncle, three cousins and three second cousins (who are four year old triplets by the way), my mum and dad, my Nan, my brother and sister and my nephew, Chase. 

The day was spent discussing video games and poking fun at my sister, Kim who spent a majority of the meal testing her “boyfriend”. Their not actually going out we just say that to mess with her.

All ramblings aside, I hope you had a good Mothers Day and I wish you many more!

– The Person Whose Blog You Read.

P.S. I love you Mum


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