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The Marvelous Melody of Mr Monopoly

A random poem about Monopoly while we were waiting for the kettle to boil.


There once was a man of rather short stature

He sold many houses and was friends with Margaret Thature

He gave me free parking and drove me past go

Unfortunatley for me, he drove very slow

He owned a hat, a car and a little dog too

A rocking horse and a dancing shoe

I always payed my rent, I always payed my dues

Then he opened the chest I got good news

My Aunty Dolly had passed away

And left me millions to twiddle away

I bought a mansion on Oxford Street

With plenty of room to kick up my feet

And so, here I stay

While Mr Monopoly continues to play.



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One thought on “The Marvelous Melody of Mr Monopoly

  1. Your linguistic prowess never ceases to amaze me, Huang.

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