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My Sincerest Apologies

Hi, sorry I didn’t write last night it’s just that well…


1. I had TAFE yesterday.

2. Our class went into VIVID 2012 for the night.

3. I didn’t get home till like 10:30 pm.

4. I was too tired to blog.

5. Shut up I’m not lazy.

See, I had reasons!

Also, I had planned to post when I got up this morning, but Mum came into my room at 7:30 am and said that I was going ski gear shopping with her so, once again, SORRY!

It was weird though. I’ve never been to a sale before and, well…


I got shoved past, people ran everywhere…

Seriously guys! It’s a jacket!

But anyway. I ended up with two full ski outfits for the total of the jacket, SO THERE!

When we got home, Mum demanded that I try everything on  to make sure it fit.

It took me almost a full ten minutes to get the bloody first pair of pants on!

After I was fully dress, I came to a realization.

I felt (and most likely looked) like this

Ski gear is most definitely NOT flattering!

But… There was something else…

Oh Right! VIVID!

So yeah that was pretty cool!

If you don’t know what VIVID is, it’s when they light up a whole bunch of buildings around Circular Quay here in Sydney and it’s really trippy and cool and stuff!


For reference, here is the Sydney Opera House normally


And here is the Opera House at VIVID


But because I was going as part of my TAFE course, we had to do a bit more than just show up.

I took in one of my old black hooded vests and threaded it with EL-wire to make it look cool.

And cool it was!

We were walking around the light and sound festival glowing like Tron and feeling like total bad arses!


Everyone was like

“Where did you buy them?”

“I want one!”

“We’d pay for them if you guys set up a stand!”

We could do that!

We’d earn a tonne!

It would be hard though…

Lots of work…

Nah, I won’t do it.

(refer to reason 5)

Anyway I’ll blog later.

See ya


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  1. asdfghjkl. Best. Post. Ever.

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