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Happy Birthday Queeny!

Ugh! Now I have to apologise AGAIN!

SORRY OKAY! I know this routine is getting old but, like you would know if you’d read my About, I DO NOT POST ON A REGULAR BASIS!

I just don’t have time, family commitments and all that jazz.



If you’re not part of the British Empire, you probably don’t know that today was the Queen’s birthday and so we get a long weekend which pretty much means that every man and his dog went away.

My family and I went up the cost to a place called Fingal Bay. It’s a nice little caravan park across the road from the beach.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly beach weather.

Friday: we didn’t get in until around 7 pm so there wasn’t much to do but kick back with a glass of Coke and a bowl of chips.

Saturday: Nice enough, a little windy but overall good. I went for a walk along the beach and up the rock wall with my brother and nephew then we went to Salamanda Shopping Center and I ended up blowing $100 at EB Games (You can’t blame me. I walked away with Kingdom Hearts I and II, Final Fantasy XIII and Oblivion game of the year edition).

Sunday: Woke up to a storm. At 3 am. Went outside and watched a movie on my laptop ’cause everyone else was still asleep. Didn’t stop raining all day so we went to the shops (this time we went to Raymond Terrace though) and we found this cool little pop culture shop that sold games, anime, manga and awesome movie merchandise (They had a life-size bust of the Joker from The Dark Knight). Ended up spending another $40 on part one of Ouran High School Host Club DVDs. Worth it. That night we went to the movies and saw Men In Black III. ASDGSTGERTGINKJ!!! Such a good movie! Not the best but still good! The ending blew my mind! Won’t mention it in case you haven’t seen it though.

Today: Went back to Salamanda to meet up with my sister and ditch my nephew then spent four hours in the car with the rain bucketing down stuck in traffic on the way home. My Dad drove and we towed the caravan with the Landcruiser and Mum and my brother took the Barina so he could get some driving practise. They said they were going to stop off at Nan’s for 10 minutes to give her a new phone. They’re still not home (But then again we only got home 10 mintues ago).


So as you can see my long weekend was amazingly eventful.

I hope the Queen had a good birthday and I can’t wait to do it again next year!


Also, on a side note, had she lived, today would have been Azaria Chamberlain’s 32 birthday.

*Moment of silence for the departed*


I’ll post again later.



P.S. If you are unaware of who Azaria Chamberlain is, dingo ate my baby.


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