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Jenolan Caves Overview*

(^I spelled it right this time^)

(Updating my blog so it should all be in the right order but with the wrong dates. Sorry… -_-)

Again, bad with consistency and also very very lazy.

So, like I was saying, last weekend my family went on a little trip to Jenolan Caves which are these really beautiful calcite crystal cave formations and were absolutely stunning!

We did the guided tour of the Lucas River cave which I would gladly do again.

Chamber in the River Cave, Jenolan Caves (photo courtesy of the Grizzly [A.K.A The Father])

If you’re ever in the area DO IT!!!!

Absolutely amazing experience!

The crystals lining the walls shone from the water  running across the surface of the rock, sending sparkles of gentle light reflecting around the cavernous space.


Oh god, I let out my inner writer! BAD LAUREN!!!!!!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

We also got free vouchers for a self-guided tour of the Nettle Cave included with our tickets so that’s good!

The Nettle Cave was a little less spectacular but still a wonderful thing to have seen.

The Nettle Cave, Jenolan Caves (photo by The Grizzly)

We stayed that Jenolan Caves House which was wonderful. The rooms were lovely, the food beautiful, the staff…. left a little to be desired.

Over all a very nice place and a wonderful holiday spot.

*             *              *              *

I hope you all enjoyed this little meaningless ramble about my exciting little holiday and if you go, good luck!

– Lauren

P.S. Needed to rub it in your faces a little more so we slept here:

Jenolan Caves House, Jenolan Caves (photo by Yours Truly)

P.P.S. Sorry for the nickname dad, but you said no names or photos! For now, you can all assume he looks like this:

(^Kind of accurate^)


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