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Mother Be Mad

I’ve mentioned it a couple times now but I’ll say it again.

This holidays my family and I are going to Thailand!!!!!

(I felt the need for at least one gif in this post)

(even if it didn’t make much sense)

We fly out on Monday, so you know what that means?


We’ve been over seas before Mum, we know what we’re doing!

Sorry, sorry, she’s just getting to me a little.

Anyway, while I’m gone I won’t have access to a computer but I shall endeavor to post at least once a day and let you know what I’m up to.

If I don’t get to post once a day, I’ll do a combined post at the end to tell you how kickarse it was! =P

(I’m such a nice person)

So, what else…?

Oh yeah! Yesterday was our graduation from TAFE!

It was pretty cool if not somewhat  embarrassing. I’m pretty sure everyone’s parents think that Eliza and  I are lesbians now….

Hey, she sat on my lap!

Ah well, I now have a Cert 1 in IT which will go a long way to help me get a job.

So I’ll see you guys later and have fun and all that jaz!

Happy holidays!



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One thought on “Mother Be Mad

  1. But… But… I am in lesbians with you XD
    (also, so much for posting once a day. I was gonna talk to you about coming over to my place or something in the holidays, but I don’t think it’s gonna work so… Yes. I have much to tell you [I finished Doctor Who in 3 days… FEELS!] and all that. So yes.)

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