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Bangkok Days 1-2


I know, I’m sorry!!!

I said every day but I have reasons!

  1. I forgot to pack my laptop -_-
  2. Mum left the Ipad in Sydney customs
  3. We forgot to turn international roaming on on the Iphone

So I had no internet!

How about from now on I’ll blog when I find a business centre, sound fair?

I take your silence as a yes!

This is going to be a long post…

Okay, I’ll start from the beginning then.

We arrived in Bangkok at 10 pm local time (12 pm Aus time) so for blog references that will be day 0. The hotel was very nice. One of the first things we noticed was the MacDonnelleds in the loby. (show you a picture later, it’s on the other camera)

Day 1

One the first day we had a guided tour of the city book with our lovely guide, Nina.

Unfortunately that ment waking up at 6 am.

Needless to say it felt like a very long day….

first we went to the train market (also known as the crazy market).

The train market, as the name suggests, is a market along a set of train tracks.

Well, more like on but you get the idea…

It was pretty cool, Nina bought us these little Thai sweet things that tasted like they were made of peanut butter with this jelly stuff on the outside to hold it in shape. They had elephants and strawberries and I got Pooh Bear!

I bit his head off….

The train markets were like a fresh food market kind of thing but personally I wouldn’t eat anything other than the fruit…

We tried some of the exotic fruit here and its all pretty good but I would definitely recommend the mangostein. It’s so good!!! Sweetest fruit I’ve ever had!

There were some interesting fish there too.

Adam and I saw this :



It was one of the highpoints of the day….

Next Nina took us to the floating markets which are exactly as the name sounds once again.

Markets that float.

Well, technically you float, but you get the idea.

That was pretty cool, Adam bought a funny hat for his collection (btw he collects funny hats)

I didn’t end up buying anything, but it was a great experience.

After that we went to the Grand Palace which was actually about 6 palaces.

That was beautiful. All the buildings were gilded in gold and covered in jewels.

There were giant Guardian statues standing next to every gate into and out of the palaces (slightly seen on the left of above)

After many hours of walking around the temples and palaces and what have you we were led to the main temple in the centre of the Grand Palace were the Emerald Buddah is.

Unfortunately they do not allow photos of the Buddha but instead please enjoy these monks.

Moving on!

That night we crossed the river in the middle of the city to go see a dinner show about Thai culture.

That was pretty… interesting.

It was a bit slow for me but anyway!

They had fantastic costumes and the food was lovely!

I did take some photos but they’re on the other camera so I’ll load them when I get home.

Home, drop, dead on the bed.

Day 2

Guess what I did on the second day?

Can you guess?

I’ll bet you can’t!



We went to the Tiger Temple in the mountains that day and I did this!!!

They were so bloody adorable! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

Oh, right!

Then we did this

And this


And also this

We bathed, fed, walk and played with tiger cubs guys!

It was pretty bloody awesome!

Then our guide for the day, Dang, took us to meet a friend of her’s named Sunsouk.

An elephant friend…

We walked down to a very rocky river –

– and played elephant rodeo

I’ll upload a gallary for you tomorrow when I have more time.

Tomorrow is layday but right now we’re going across the road to the Irish pub for dinner so I promise :

On the morrow fair reader!

– Lauren


To Brisbane!!!

Hello and good morning!

We have arrived at the airport and are awaiting our flight so while I’ve got time I figured I’d update you.

We’re having a lovely deep fried breakfast and mulling over the reason that there’s a Krispy Kream in no-mans land and no donut king.

Anyway we have to fly into Brisbanemot get our flight to Thailand. 

I’ll update again when we touch down in Thailand at 8pm tonight their time.

See you when Im thoroughly jetlaged!



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