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A Catch Up in 160 Words

Haven’t been on in ages blah blah apologies please forgive blah blah

Now that that’s over with!

Quick catch up:

1) Applied to Bradfield Senior College which everyone’s taking the piss out of me for.

2) Got an interview at Bradfield that’s scheduled for sometime next term.

3) Going to Port Macquarie for the holidays in around 3 weeks. (convenient numbering, don’t you think?)

4) Went to visit my sister in Newcastle for the weekend and whined endlessly about not having any books. When I got home she’d stuffed my bag full of recommended reads and a note saying “Now shut up” (I love her)

5) My friend is complaining because it’s her one year anniversary with her boyfriend and she has no idea what to do (Bad with relationships)

6) Spent the day up the tree because it was sunny and I had a book to read.

7) Happy Fathers Day!!!

That about sums it up.

I’ll let you know how it goes at the interview!

– Lauren



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