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Commuters I Don’t Even

(back to blogging again after forever)

Hey guys!

So since I just started at a new school that is freaking forever away I have become one of the endless stream of daily commuters. I know, shocking.

Anyway, I have started to notice some really… shall we say strange people on public transport…

Just this afternoon a man sat down next to me and pulled out one of those parcel opening knife things

package knife

(^those things^)

and my immediate¬†reaction was “HOLY F#CKING SH!T I AM GOING TO DIE ON A TRAIN AT THE HANDS OF A TRADIE!!!” but then he just pulled out an orange and started to cut it up. On a train. With a package knife thing.

Which kind of made me go


Until I remember a few weeks ago when I had to catch the train at 9 o’clock at night. I was sitting, casually reading a book, when the train pulled up at the station and the door opened and passengers got on and I didn’t think anything of it.

Until I looked up and saw a guy in a clown costume talking to a gorillagram.

utterly confused

I don’t-


I think I know understand how the commuters¬†must have felt when I got on a train dressed as a dalek….



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