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Movie Misshaps

I’m not good with this whole consistency thing, am I?

On Wednesday, my brother and I were so completely off our rocker with excitement because we prebooked tickets to go and see the Dark Knight double feature at the Cinema. It was a double screening of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that ran until 11pm!

We were so bloody happy AND it was the first time Adam had seen the Batman movies!

(He’s almost 18 and hasn’t seen Batman… I’m a little disappointed in him…)

So we went up to the counter and gave the lady our printed tickets.

She scanned them in.

“Um, these tickets are, like, for the 18th of July…”




*sobbing* 18th of Juuuuuuuulllllyyyyyy

Oh well, We’re back from Thailand by then.

(Did I mention I’m going to Thailand?)

Just so the┬ánight wasn’t completely wasted, somehow, Adam conned me into going to see Prometheus with him.

It was all right. Just a tad gory for my tastes.

It was a prequel to the Alien movies (which I’ve never see).

So if you’ve seen them, I highly recommend it.

If you haven’t but you like horror/thriller movie, go for it.

If you don’t like horror movies (like me), I wouldn’t see it.

All in all it was a nice enough night even though we had to pull our parents away from their dinner at 9 when they were suppose to have until 11.

Sorry Mum and Dad!

I’ll sign off now.

Bye Bye!

– Lauren

P.S. Happy birthday Mum!!!!! (for Wednesday)


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